Robin Riddle Photography: Blog en-us (C) Robin Riddle Photography (Robin Riddle Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:25:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:25:00 GMT In the footsteps of Artist Kenneth Jack continued... What started as a short term exercise is now I believe, a life long project.  Following Kenneth's journey has exceeded my expectation in terms of rewards.  I go to so many out of the way places and meet so many interesting people, all of whom, are more than willing to help me find the spot where Kenneth sketched and/or conceived his painting image.  Sometimes finding that spot is easy, whilst at times near impossible.  After 40 or more years, vegetation has grown, buildings removed and some places totally transformed.

My recent adventure to Toowoomba scored 4 out of 4, Botanical Gardens, Grammar School, City Hall and The Royal Bulls Head Inn at Drayton....that was amazing. Pictured below are myself with the Grammar School's Head Master Peter Hauser.  Peter kindly showed my wife and I through the school administration building (circa 1875) and to my surprise, the Kenneth Jack original painting of the building was proudly hanging in Peter's office. 

Following is a photo of KJ's drawing of the Royal Bulls Head In at Drayton. My photo follows....


The Royal Bulls Head Inn - DraytonThe Royal Bulls Head Inn - DraytonIn the footsteps of artist Kenneth Jack....

One of the pleasures of following KJ"s work is seeing some many fine examples of Australian architecture....this is one of my favourites.

Queensland Paintings and Drawings - Kenneth Jack....Page 69

Toowoomba 2018


Many thanks to David Jack for granting permission to use a photo of KJ's work.

Check out all the photos in the ...."In the footsteps of artist Kenneth Jack" gallery on my website,

Find out more about Kenneth Jack through or by visiting the website



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2017 Australian Professional Photography Awards - great result Really stoked to have received 4 silver awards for my entries into the 2017 Australian Photography Awards.  One award for Commercial and 3 for Landscape...images are from Spain, Finland, USA and Cuba.   A BIG Congratulations to all the winners!!!!!

Thanks to Organisers, Judges and Volunteers who provide their time to make this just gets better every year.  Also, many thanks to the Queensland AIPP Crew for the print critiquing sessions which provides valuable guidance and direction.

And finally, this year I achieved my Associate Level.....yaahoo....bloody glad that's over :)....bring on the Masters...

Can't wait for 2018...


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In the footsteps of Kenneth Jack... In the footsteps of Kenneth Jack…


It’s not often you go on a journey with someone long gone from this world, but I did.


By chance, I came across a second-hand edition of Queensland Paintings and Drawings by artist Kenneth Jack.  The book documented his travels and artworks in the Queensland outback, complete with a map showing the towns and places represented in the book.

Something about Kenneth’s work just gelled with me.  His subject was usually rural or outback Australia in the days of old. He has a way with light and colour and I loved his detailed architecture…I couldn’t put his book down.


Pure inspiration struck.  There was nothing else for it than to go on Jack’s journey.  Tent - tick, camping gear – tick, camera equipment (of course) - tick and my 4 wheel drive at the ready – tick.


For the next couple of weeks my wife Minna and I tracked down many towns and places depicted in Jack’s paintings and drawings and the inspiration from his works never faltered.  There will be, must be, more to come from Jack’s study of our land.


I hope you enjoy my photographic take on the works of a wonderful artist, Kenneth Jack


Find out more about Kenneth Jack through or by visiting the website


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Cuba - unique and alive Despite reading about Cuba, nothing prepared me for charm and beauty of it's people.

Walking the streets of Havana and Trinidad I found the people open, happy and inquisitive....many asked, where are you from?... when I said Australia....they all said ah..kangaroo!.. one added koala.  They love music, classic cars and Cuban rum.

Havana to me is like a 1960's film set, I keep waiting for Humphrey Bogart or Ingrid Bergman to appear.  If you like classic cars, this is your place..

I waited some time for this car to pass as I believe the shot pretty much sums up Havana from typical image perspective.  Take a look at my Image Gallery under Urban to see many other Cuban images..

Havana streets 7Havana streets 72018 AIPP QLD Epson Professional Photography Awards - Silver Award

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AIPP QLD Epson State Awards - great result Just returned from a PODAS workshop in Cuba and was delighted to learn that I had picked up 4 Awards from 5 entries in the AIPP QLD Epson State Awards.  The Silver with Distinction and 3 Silvers were a great result and in my view came from listening carefully to feedback from the judging panel at the 2 print critiquing nights and attending a Lisa Saad workshop "Print to succeed and Artist Talk". My thanks To Sara McKenna and the QLD print critiquing crew and Lisa Saad for their invaluable words of wisdom.


winter view - Finlandwinter view - Finland2017 AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards - Silver Award

2017 AIPP QLD Epson Professional Photography Awards - Silver Award
Finland 2016

aerial abstract Gladstone mining 1aerial abstract Gladstone mining 12017 AIPP QLD Epson Professional Photography Awards - Silver Award

Phosphor tailing pond residue 2Phosphor tailing pond residue 22017 AIPP QLD Epson Professional Photography Awards - Silver Award


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Exciting News - Head On Landscape Finalist 2017 Lost for words when advised my image has been accepted into the Head On Landscape Prize Exhibition 2017.  The image (which can't be publicised until the winners have announced) was one from a series of aerial shots taken over central Florida last year.

The following photos are of the amazing aircraft, Robert (my ace pilot) and myself under instruction and one cruising at 4000 feet.  The aircraft is a AirCam twin engine ultralight which looks a bit like a "flying canoe" however, flying in one, is the most amazing experience.  Ideal for aerial photography as it can cruise at 50mph minimal wind resistance.....and you get to sit up front.

It will be great to see the exhibition in Sydney between 5th and 28 May 2017.   Yoohoo!!!


AirCamAirCamAirCam twin engine ultralight


Florida aerialFlorida aerial

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