In the footsteps of Artist Kenneth Jack continued...

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What started as a short term exercise is now I believe, a life long project.  Following Kenneth's journey has exceeded my expectation in terms of rewards.  I go to so many out of the way places and meet so many interesting people, all of whom, are more than willing to help me find the spot where Kenneth sketched and/or conceived his painting image.  Sometimes finding that spot is easy, whilst at times near impossible.  After 40 or more years, vegetation has grown, buildings removed and some places totally transformed.

My recent adventure to Toowoomba scored 4 out of 4, Botanical Gardens, Grammar School, City Hall and The Royal Bulls Head Inn at Drayton....that was amazing. Pictured below are myself with the Grammar School's Head Master Peter Hauser.  Peter kindly showed my wife and I through the school administration building (circa 1875) and to my surprise, the Kenneth Jack original painting of the building was proudly hanging in Peter's office. 

Following is a photo of KJ's drawing of the Royal Bulls Head In at Drayton. My photo follows....


The Royal Bulls Head Inn - DraytonThe Royal Bulls Head Inn - DraytonIn the footsteps of artist Kenneth Jack....

One of the pleasures of following KJ"s work is seeing some many fine examples of Australian architecture....this is one of my favourites.

Queensland Paintings and Drawings - Kenneth Jack....Page 69

Toowoomba 2018


Many thanks to David Jack for granting permission to use a photo of KJ's work.

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